Catching up

I had full intentions of being a loyal, faithful blogger when this started. We had an awesome DSL connection and were online all the time. I wanted to chronicle our move from Monticello to (as we thought at the time ) Russellville, Arkansas so I could get an MA from Arkansas Tech. At the last minute, Harding came through with an offer to teach three English courses to Chinese students so we came here instead. Everything’s good except the lack of a DSL internet connection at home.

What a wonderful gift from God that was! Just before Christmas break, I was offered a fulltime job as circulation librarian at the university library. I’ll begin work on a MS in Library Science this summer or fall. I’m in my office right now (AHH! Can you believe I have an office?) and I’ll be taking several procedures manuals home with me to study them over the break. My first big assignment is the orientation party for the new student workers next semester.

Life is still busy. Rebecca’s in drama, Noelle’s in basketball and band, Emily was a cheerleader this fall and Caleb and Daniel are just loud little boys. It’s almost time to close the library so I”ll sign off for now.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Christmas is coming!

Signs of Christmas:

1. Jingle bell necklaces around children’s necks.
2. Christmas music in the air.
3. Snowmen, Santa Claus, and reindeer
4. A veritable plethora of twinkly lights.
5. Empty libraries.
6. Red and green.
7. Green and red.
8. Stockings in our window.
9. The stack of unsigned, unmailed Christmas cards on my desk.
10 . The wrapped presents hidden in Rebecca’s closet.

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