Life in the Library

I’ve been working in the library at a Christian University for a little over a month now and I believe that I have the best job on earth. I work closely with the student workers and I also get to help people search for articles and information needed for their assignments. The other staff members are warm, encouraging, and helpful. I’ve seen none of the pettiness that I occasionally witnessed on a state campus, although I know that six weeks is hardly enough time for such behavior to surface.

I want to take a moment to tell you about my co-worker Alicia. She’s about 23 years old and has worked in the library as both a student and fulltime employee. She’s the first staff member most patrons see if they have a problem with overdues of fines of any type. She also coordinates most of the details involved in circulation.

Alicia is great at her job. I’ve never seen her flustered with a patron or student worker. She’s been extremely patient with me and I learn the ins and outs of the Harding library system. I enjoy working with her and getting to know her as a person.

Alicia will be leaving us in the fall so she can join a mission team to Germany. She went to the town of Bremen as a student campaigner a couple of years ago and returned for a visit over Christmas. Her heart is with the Christians in Bremen and she looks forward to returning to serve God there.

Please keep Alicia in your prayers as she makes her plans and arrangements to go. Please pray for our library, too, as we search for someone else to fill her office. No one will be able to take her place, but someone has to do the job.

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