Working on Saturday again

Today has been an unusually busy Saturday in the Brackett Library. Right now, it’s twenty minues ’til closing time and the computers are still full.

What’s wrong with these people? It’s a beautiful day and they should all be outside playing! I think we should have a policy for closing for beautiful weather, not just for inclimate weather.

“Due to the wonderful weather outside, the Brackett Library will be closed today. You should all go play and not worry so much about your grades. Unless, of course, you’ve been playing all semester and haven’t gotten any work done. If that’s the case, you probably can’t salvage your grade at this point. Learn from this and do a better job next semester.”

There — the beautiful weather policy of Brackett Library. 🙂

I’m going to check in on my friend Denise now.

Which Narnia Characer Would You Be?

Recently, my daughter Rebecca and I were discussing which Narnia character we would like to be if we were able to be in any of the upcoming movies. After wrapping up on our roles (Lucy and Lady Polly, respectively), we went on to cast other family members. Daniel as Reepicheep, Noelle as — I don’t know — someone very daring and adventurous. 🙂 But who could Keith Burley be?

We had one of those moments of epiphany when we had the same thought at the same time. “PUDDLEGLUM!” We laughed and set the thought aside until later when we realized just how many things Keith has in common with dear old Puddleglum.

1. He grew up in the swamps.
2. He relishes his ability to complain.
3. No one else’s food is ever quite the way he would cook it.
4. He has webbed toes.
5. He wears strange clothes.
6. He smells funny sometimes.
7. He’s “too old” or “not suited” for many things. (his words!)

Of course this was all in good fun, but we did get a good laugh from it.

Really, the most important ways that Keith is like Puddleglum are that he’s extremely loyal and surprises people with bits of wisdom and courage when they least expect it. I suppose all of us dreamers need someone more grounded in our lives.

So . . . which Narnia character would you be. 🙂

Race for the Cure

Ok. This is the year. Rebecca and I have always talked about running the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Little Rock. Next year, she will be a senior in high school, so it’s about time that we actually *do* this.

The problem? I’m completely and totally out of shape. The thought of running might cause a coronary. But, I watched “The Biggest Loser” a couple of times and noticed that they had *huge* people on there who were actually jogging. If they can do it, I can do it. I guess. Maybe.

My plan is for us to do this program called “Couch to 5K.” Sounds promising doesn’t it? Even with that, I think I’ll take two weeks on each level of activity rather than going through it week-by-week. I just literally cannot remember the last time I *jogged*. But I have to do this. I promised Rebecca years ago and now is the time.

Pray for me!!!! 🙂

Spring has sprung

I’m looking out my office window and seeing splashes of bright green and pink. The azaleas are blooming and Harding’s campus is beautiful — right in time for Spring Sing, of course.

Only this year the Burley clan will be absent from Spring Sing festivities. I’m taking the girls to Nashville, TN for the annual Lads to Leaders convention and Keith is taking the boys to South Louisiana to eat boiled crawfish. None of us will be home for Easter. 😦

I know we’ll have a good time on our separate trips, but I’m rather bummed that we will be in different places Easter Sunday. It’s enough to make me rethink our decision to do Lads to Leaders every year.

BTW, hasn’t the c of C gotten a lot of press lately. Unfortunately, no one made a big deal out of ACU’s wonderfully kind treatment of the Equality Riders from Soul Force. I was so thankful to call myself a Christian when I read of their day with the Soul Force group. For more info, check out or the ACU website.

Gotta go. I should be working. Oh! and I have many more than four friends on Facebook now. That really explodes!

So, here’s the problem . . .

See, I don’t actually add to this blog very often, so every time I want to I have to figure out how to do it all over again. I know, I know. If I were disciplined and structured with my time, then I could just budget blog updates in there with haircuts and cooking supper, right? Problem is I don’t find time to do them very often either. 🙂

Grad school update — I’ve been accepted to University of North Texas and University of Teneesee, Knoxville. Family connections and the possibility of in-state tuition are causing me to lean heavily to UTK. It looks like I’ll be the only child from my family who works at Harding but has zero degress from there. How ironic is that?

Hey — I have four friends on facebook now. I’ve decided that I have to stay in step with my wondrously cool student workers so I opened a facebook account. We even have a group — Circulation Workers are Way Cooler than Reference Workers. How funny is that? I absolutely love my student workers. If I must be techno-savvy to stay in touch with them, then techno-savvy I will be.

Did you know that Beverly Cleary is 90? And that *all* of her books are still in print?

Did you know that we had hail and tornadoes today in Searcy? And that it was 80 degrees? And that we cancelled chuch because of the tornado? That NEVER happens in Searcy — cancelling church, that is. The storms happen all the time.

Oh — and Mike Cope’s blog has changed. Check him out at He has some info on all the church of Christ in the media hullaballoo that’s been going on lately.

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