Where has the time gone?

It’s been two months and a week since I’ve updated anything here, but my life has not been void of all online activities. I’ve been working with another library staff member to create some goals for our website. We’ve also been investigating the possiblity of using blogs and wikis as part of our library services.

Picture this — each department could have a library liaison (is that spelled right?). That person would work with a librarian to create a website that would target information for their department. For example, the English dept person would post information about departmental expectations and the library person would post resources from the library that would help meet those expectations. A one-stop shop for research projects! Cool, hunh?

The link above is a link to my experimental wiki. It already has one power point about exploring internet, but it’s very rudimentary. Only an early exploration.

Newsflash — I’ll be moving from the Circ department into more of a teaching/distance ed postion. God is so good! He knew that my dream job would involve both libraries and teaching!

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