Another student-made Christmas at Harding video

Good morning!

One of our student workers put together this video of the campus in all its Christmas glory. It’s a big longer and some of the pictures are a little blurry, but there are some really good shots of the campus. Toward the beginning, there’s a good picture of the snowflake ice sculpture they made for the Christmas open house.

A few people have asked if they decorated like this when we were in school and, no, it’s never been this fancified before. One of the local garden clubs wanted to enter a national competition and chose Harding as its place to decorate. This was a combined effort between the Harding physical resources department and the Greenkeepers garden club.

So Happy Christmas!! Enjoy the sounds and music.

Christmas at Harding

Here’s a video of the Harding campus decorated for Christmas. There’s supposed to be music so turn up the volume. Thanks to Travis Waldrop, my co-worker’s son, for making the video and sharing it with me!

Here’s another video of some of our students singing their version of the 12 Days of Christmas in chapel last year. They were great. Did all the arranging themselves.

Thank you, God, for Mike Cope

When I was in high school, Mike Cope was the preacher at my “growing up congregation.” College Church had about 1500 members at the time and Mike was about 28 when he was hired to be the pulpit minister. I remember having conversations with others in the youth group about how weird it would be to have a preacher who was younger than our youth minister.

Mike was so much more than a preacher. He was (and still is) an intellectual and a wonderful man. He and his wife Diane shared their home and their life with us. Mike was one of the sponsors for my husband Keith’s social club and walked us through some very difficult times.

Mike really challenged us to not only know the Bible, but to live like Jesus would. Love the unlovable. Serve those you would rather not touch. He had a gift for verbal communication, but his best sermons were preached in his life.

Thank you God for Mike’s influence. And thank you for his sense of humor. Any of you who know Mike or have any familiarity with the church of Christ, you need to see this video.

Thank you, God, for Mike Cope.

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