I’m not thirty-nine

Really and truly. I’m not thirty-nine. Tomorrow’s my birthday and tomorrow I WILL be thirty-nine, but today I’m going to revel in my thirty-eightness. πŸ™‚

Birthdays do a lot of things to me. They make me think of Spring Break because my birthday always fell right before Spring Break. I grew up around the education world so school schedules have always been a big part of my life.

Birthdays also make me think of my childhood friends Vicky and Karen. I went to a small school, but there were two other girls in my class with the same birthday. And Karen’s mom (who taught at our school) had the same birthday too. We turned 18 the year she turned 50 so when I got to school on my 18th birthday, everything was draped in black, in honor of Mrs N’s 50th birthday. Black balloons, black crepe paper, black streamers on the lockers. An odd way to celebrate turning 18! I think next year when we turn 40, I’ll have a sleepover and invite all my girlfriends to come!

Birthdays also make me think of my grandmother. This will be my fifth birthday without her. No phone call telling me about the day I was born. No wonderful card with her thoughtful touches. No amazing gift that makes me think, “How in the world did she remember the color of the skirt we bought last summer?”

My sister’s birthday was last month and she wrote a wonderful tribute to my grandmother’s ability to make birthdays amazing. You can read it at her blog . Look for “Grandmother and Birthdays.”

So today I’m not thirty-nine. Tomorrow I will be. One year closer to the ageless perfection God will give us in the next life! Bring it on.

3 thoughts on “I’m not thirty-nine

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  1. happy birthday! (a day early)…i hope it is a wonderful day for you. i lost my grandmother last year, and so i understand that longing that intensifies with holidays and birthdays.and in response to your comment….i do cherish them, thanks for commenting.


  2. I had already read what your sister posted about your grandmother, it was really special! Happy Birthday to another March Baby! Mine is on the 27th, and I will be turning 30! I still feel like I am not suppose to be a grown up, like I am just pretending! LOL I would really like to stay 29 forever! Hope you have a great day!


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