Need a hug?

I saw this on youtube a while back and had forgotten about it. This morning, my daughter Becca reminded me of it by way of a facebook note.

Maybe it touched me so much because I have had a really hard week, but today it brought tears to my eyes.

Have you read the diary of Anne Frank? At the end of the book — after spending years hiding from the Germans — she says that she really believes that people are basically good at heart.

I believe that too.

This video made me think of that again. Enjoy.

Ten random thoughts of late

1. Wow it’s hot in here.
2. Gyms in the south really should have air conditioners.
3. Tray 7 to station 28!
4. Where did all these people come from?
5. Oh shoot! I forgot to pick up the pictures.
6. Foot, I can’t go. I have a workshop to coordinate on the 19th.
7. Ten years from now Daniel will be graduating from high school.
8. I hope it rains on Saturday. Then Becca’s graduation will be inside.
9. Why do Young Adult novels have to be so foul?
10. Woo-hoo! This is my last Sunday night to work until fall!!

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