Having fun with the camera

Caleb Graduates from Christian Soldiers at Church

First Day of School — August 20, 2007

As you can tell, they don’t have much patience for the traditional pictures in front of the house or school building. Nope — we took these at the red light at the intersection of Beebe-Capps, Skyline Drive, and Pleasure Street. Sonic was to our left for those who are geographically curious.

Emily’s Various Facial Expresions




Won a Million Dollars!!!!

Lisa’s Best Body Part

Note the polished toes and everpresent toe ring. OOH! And for those that know the Teaters, notice that we have the same carpet as they do!!

I”ll add more in a couple of days.


6 thoughts on “Having fun with the camera

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  1. The pics in the car on the way to school crack me up! I was laughing before I even scrolled down to see you explanation of it. Those pics are too cute! Oh, and nice feet! I have horrible feet…my toenails are so small you can’t even paint them. I just paint the toe so from a distance they look bigger….my mom’s are the same way!And…our carpet in Warren was almost just like that!


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