A few things that make me smile

Here are some recent posts from my facebook wall. They all made me very happy and I wanted to share them.

From one of Becca’s friend who left the state for college:

So I’m sitting in my theatre class and well there’s a lady that works in the library who specializes in Theatre and Media Arts studies and I couldn’t help but to think of the awesomest “Drama Mama” in the world!

From one of our student workers right before school started:

i dont think i’ve ever quite been this excited to go to a library meeting. it is up there with ridiculously excited….

From one of my friends:

So, do you want to go in on a cow?

From a friend after discussing the Beatles:

Was/is your dad a classic rock fan? Or were you just born out of time?

Anyone who knows my dad should be laughing out loud right now.


4 thoughts on “A few things that make me smile

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  1. We were discussing the possibility of splitting the cost of purchasing a quarter side of hormone growth-free beef. We’re doing it, by the way. So no growth hormones in the burgers this fall. Woo-hoo!


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