Humor me for a moment, but I must say . . .



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  1. Because LOST is the only tv show I watch and it tends to be on for three months and then off for five or six. The characters are complex and interesting, the plot is intelligent, and — believe it or not — it actually addresses faith/fate/free will issues and doesn’t <>just<> entertain, although it <>does<> entertain. The last season ended in early June and we’ve been waiting since then for season 4. And it starts in January so we only have one more month to wait. Here’s an everything-you-need-to-know-about LOST video made by ABC in case you want to catch up. 🙂


  2. Jon and I are big LOST fans too, except NOT in the common way…we don’t have cable so we are always LATE in watching the last season …(meaning we just finished watching LOST 3)…and we know we are going to have to hang in for another year or more…but then we get to whip it up in one week (or less!!! usually during Christmas break…when we have time to be bums!) I can’t wait…but will have to!


  3. Does everyone know that the last couple of seasons are all free online? That’s how I watch it. I love this season. It rocks. Flash forwards instead of flashbacks are wicked confusing and make you wonder even MORE what in the world is going on. It’s my favorite.


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