A New Year’s Prayer by Rubel Shelly

A New Year’s Prayer
by Rubel Shelly

Holy God of Heaven and Earth,

I know that a thousand years are as a day to you, but we humans are
bound up in time. As a new year is beginning, please teach me to . . .

* care more about people and less about money,
* enjoy my work but not let it enslave me,
* and laugh more easily than I did last year.

As I get ready for 2008, help me to remember things that are easy to
forget . . .

* that it might well be my last year,
* that some people are counting on me,
* and that you have things for me to do.

Lord, with the things I have accumulated over the years, please let me
. . .

* shake off the monotony of life,
* try some new things in this new year,
* and mend some broken fences.

And, Father of Mercies, please teach me in this new and unspoiled year
to . . .

* lighten up and enjoy children, sunsets, reading, and long walks,
* avoid quarrels and work at being a peacemaker in this world,
* and start next year with fewer regrets than I bring to 2008.

I cannot know what this year will bring, and I am grateful for that!
But help me . . .

* eat less junk food,
* exercise and take better care of my body,
* and learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Above all other things, Father, I want to be your instrument for . . .

* easing somebody’s too-heavy load,
* relieving some sad person’s misery,
* and introducing some lost soul to Jesus.

Come what may in the year about to begin, may we live it for your
glory, within your will, and to your delight.

We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Happy New Year!!

It’s officially January 2, because I’m posting after midnight. How did you spent the first day of this year? I slept in a little, worked on my new knitting blog, went shopping with Noelle, and then came home and worked on a scarf I’m doing for Noelle. After supper I went to a local coffeehouse with a good friend from high school. Four of us got together last night and had such a good time that we decided to have part 2 tonight. It was wonderful to laugh and talk and discuss our faith journeys over the last 20 something years. God has always blessed me tremendous friends! I’m humbled and amazed by His goodness!

I have less than a week before I’ll be back to work full time. I’ve enjoyed being home even though we’ve been busy enough that I’m not sure it was a break, but it was definitely a welcome change in routine.

S-o-o-o-o —— what do you want to accomplish this year? I have a lot coming up, but I want to hear from you first. What do you want to get done by January 1, 2009?

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