Long Time Coming

It’s amazing how quickly time gets away from me once school starts. This post is long overdue.

I spent my last Friday of freedom with my wonderful God-given friends Suzanne and Maury. Here are some pictures from the day.

It was such a good day! Once upon a time, my daughter Becca told me, “Mom, I hope that when I’m grown I have girlfriends as good as yours.” I hope she does too. Even with all of our moving, I have never been without friends who shared my journey and helped me along the way.

By the way, that yummy chocolate chip covered thing was awesome! It was a combination of cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and — I don’t remember — but it was amazing. We also had some really good homemade salsa that day. Isn’t it fun to just cook, eat, and hang out with friends?

A great way to wrap up the holidays before returning to work and school. Thank you God for amazing friends.


One thought on “Long Time Coming

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  1. Great pics! I am glad you posted them! We had a great day too…really enjoyed getting to visit with you and Becca. I kept meaning to e-mail you and tell you…but you know I have had internet issues lately!!


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