All my bags are packed

Things I am taking to Italy:

1. My new iPod
2. A camera
3. Two memory cards
4. One pair of underwear per day abroad
5. 3 ounce bottles of liquids
6. Clothes, primarily neutral colors
7. A Harding umbrella and windbreaker
8. Books to read on the plane. Fiction. Fun stuff.
9. Passport, boarding passes, a modest amount of money

Things I am NOT taking:

1. My laptop
2. Anything school related (no, I did not finish my paper. It can wait.)
3. My pillow. Wouldn’t fit.
4. Any self-improvement literature
5. Anyone to be responsible for.
6. Traveler’s checks. Debit cards are preferred these days.
7. Anything work related.
8. Any idea of what to expect
9. A “Learn Italian in a Day” program.

If I have the opportunity, I will post about my adventures while I’m there. If not, please know that I am prepared to take roughly 1000 pictures and have a brand new journal just for this trip.

Can you tell it still doesn’t seem real to me?

I love you all! If I don’t find my way here while I’m gone, then I’ll be back on the 19th, full of wonderful things to share! Please pray for me and my family while I’m gone!


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