This week

Did I mention that this has been my spring break? Harding and Searcy never rarely have the same spring break so this year I negotiated a bit with mine. I worked through Harding’s so I could take off the same week my children would be out of school. We didn’t have any big plans (like — ahem! — a trip to London), but our week at home has been good. Here are some highlights:

1. Played baseball in the yard. I got a sports injury, which is quite an accomplishment for bookish me.

2. Helped record a vocal track for XEA/Regina’s spring sing show. Now my children can hear me belting out Bohemian Rhapsody on notes that are off the staff. That was cool.

3. Tilled a wee bit o’ ground for a future garden. Definitely tomatoes, cukes, bell and jalapeno peppers, and . . . I don’t know. What else do you think we should do?

4. Took four bags and 5 boxes of things to Goodwill. I love it when my house loses weight.

5. Watched the boys play lots of Guitar Hero (borrowed from a friend).

6. Grieved the fact that they like “Welcome to the Jungle” more than “Bungle in the Jungle.” What’s wrong with these people?

Warning: Do not hit that first link unless you are already familiar with the volume and antics of Axl Rose. I don’t want to be responsible for sending anyone into premature coronary failure.

7. Went to a book club meeting to talk about the Guernsey book. I think everyone loved it as much as I did. You really should read it!

8. More de-cluttering. Laundry. Vacuuming. Dusting. Ran the dishwasher about 3 times a day. (lots of mouths to feed here, ya know!)

9. Made chocolate chip cookies. Ate chocolate chip cookies.

10. Had a great time just being here! It’s been great to only have one full-time job this week!

School has Advantages

I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I do remember the event. It was summer and we were visiting my grandparents. As usual, my cousin Laura and I walked the small distance to her other grandmother’s house for a lunch visit. Her aunt was still living at home at the time. She was there when we ate lunch and then said, “Well, I need to get back to work.” I said, “Work? But it’s summer?” Her reply? “Lisa, honey, not everyone’s a teacher. Most people have to work all summer.”

In my dominated-by-teachers life, I had never considered that yes, most people did have to work all summer. My dad was a teacher, my friends’ parents were mostly teachers, and my aunt and uncle were both teachers. Yes, they had work related things to do in the summer and taught summer school, but to actually work all summer? The thought had never occurred to me.

Summer Break
Spring Break
Christmas Break
Thanksgiving Break

Living in a school world definitely has its advantages. Advantages that I still enjoy to this day, although I do not get a full summer break. Libraries have to run, you know!

Another advantage of school? Grades. For some of us, being a student comes naturally. Not without effort, mind you, but effort that makes sense. School is where I’m a fish in the water. I know how to be a good student. I know how to write a paper and put together a presentation. I know how to take tests and study and prepare for class discussions.

And how to make A’s. I like making A’s.

I wish life gave out A’s. This has been a hard week in several ways. Lots of time away from home due to work related responsibilities. Not enough money for the month. Trying to make plans for our kids for spring break without spending money we don’t have. I found myself driving across town thinking, “I need to take a class so I can make an A.” Life just doesn’t have the immediate and tangible rewards that school has, does it? Sometimes things seem to be going well and then you get blindsided. It’s very possible to pour your heart, mind, and soul into a person and not have it returned. You can do your absolute best and it’s not good enough.

Yeah. I need an A. An A like the ones in sAlvAtion and grAce. AmAzing grAce. Atonement. PeAce. My favorite A doesn’t have the letter, though. YawEH. Those are the A’s that keep me going.

Something for your prayer list

My friends Whitney and David are leaving for China to pick up their new daughter this week. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel, an uncomplicated completion to their adoption process, and a smooth transition once they get home.

This has been a long process. They are reaching the end of one journey and the beginning of another. I’ll try to keep you posted on the process, but you can also check their blog.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Who am I kidding?

I could make some effort at an excuse — something like “I’ve been trying to focus on my flesh-and-blood daily life,” but the reality is that I’ve rarely been a consistent blogger. I love reading all of your blogs — everything from the mommy blogs to the ministry blogs to the make-me-think blogs. They’re all fantastic!

Somehow, though, I don’t feel like there’s that much exciting in my life to write about. I’m not surrounded by fascinating children and the fun stuff they do every day. I’m not in a foreign land or working in the trenches with people in crisis, and I don’t even have time to make myself think, let alone come up with deep thoughts that would spur someone else on to a higher plane!

So my blog sits empty more often than not.

In the attempt of keeping up, here’s a peek into my recent life (sans pictures because I never did find my camera, but I’m buying a new one soon.)

  1. I was blessed to help plan and speak at Harding’s WINGS conference which was held the last weekend in February. Stephanie also spoke and has written about it some on her blog. I spoke about the current inundation of pop culture via the media and the effect it is having on women under the age of 25. Some of my Twilight rant was included.
  2. I love knitting. Have I mentioned that? I really, really do. I’ve decided to challenge myself and do some “next level” projects. I just finished my first hat and have also learned to knit in the round. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Probably my perfectionism. New things that may result in failure scare me to death.
  3. I’m having a grand time reading for fun! I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and highly recommend it. It was one of those rare books that made me want to laugh out loud, cry, and learn more about its topic. Lots of fun but lots of heart. Go find it and read it.
  4. I also taught a beginner’s knitting class in Harding’s continuing ed program. It was lots of fun and in true female fashion, we took a road trip to Hobby Lobby the last week. Shopping is a necessity, you know. I’m going to do another one in the fall if they’ll let me do it on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. Monday was a TERRIBLE day for me to add one more thing.
  5. I turned 41 last Friday. Why in the world do people think of 40 as anything that resembles old? Why is there so much drama attached to it? I am absolutely loving life and being who I am SO much more than I did at 20 or 30.

That’s about all I can come up with. I’m very excited about the impending camera purchase. I’m using the money from the knitting class to buy one. Once I start being able to post more pictures, I’ll probably write more too.

Or maybe not. . . who am I kidding? 🙂

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