Six more days

In six days, I’m leaving for a bit. I’m hitting the road with some of my co-workers who also happen to be some of my favorite friends. A couple of years ago, we went to California together.

This year, we’re headed in the opposite direction. We’ll spend next Thursday and Friday in Montgomery, Alabama at Faulkner University for the annual Christian College Librarians Conference. After that, we are hitting the road AND I JUST EDITED THIS SO YOU CAN’T CHEAT ON MY MOST RECENT POST. 😉

I’m looking forward to it all — the conference (Hi, CCL buddies!!), the road trip, the new cities — every single bit of it. I’ll take lots of pictures and share the experiences when I get back. I’m so blessed to work in a job that I love and with people I love. God is definitely very, very good!


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  1. Hey Jenny! We'll be in Charleston late Sunday evening. Brenda and I are hoping we can get together for supper some night — either Saturday or Sunday would be our best bet. Do you have my cell number?

    Lindsay — yes, CCL is most closely associated with the church of Christ, although we also have members from Christian church colleges and Disciples of Christ organizations. All three of those groups grew from the Restoration Movement led by Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone in the 1700's so we have a common heritage.


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