If you don’t believe that life moves in circles, you haven’t really been paying attention. Sometimes, the circles are pretty organized and straightforward.
Sometimes they are fun and festive.

Sometimes they are just crazy and colorful and all over the place.

Most days, my life feels like this picture, but I have a feeling that God sees it more like the top one: ordered, planned, reasonable.

My current circular movements include

  • living in the house i grew up in

  • working on the same campus where my dad taught for 30+ years
  • helping others who have questions about the history of said campus
  • sponsoring the club i pledged in 1986

  • running into an old boyfriend in front of the student center (yeah, THAT was fun.)
  • listening to the same music i did in junior high

  • and reading this blog written by a stay-at-home dad that i used to babysit when i was a teenager. i loved watching his mom BE a mom and now i’m learning even more by watching him be a dad.

Here’s some of that still-good-after-all-these-years music to listen to while you’re reading David’s blog.

Summer Reads

This has become a staple in my life. I actually have two copies — one that I keep on my desk and one that I keep at home. The short daily readings speak to my heart, to my station in life, to my tired soul. It is a necessary part of my daily routine.

Timing is everything. I’m rereading the last HP book before the movie comes out on July 15th. Although it is long, it is not hard to read so I should get done in plenty of time. Discuss the pros and cons of HP all you want, but I’ve found the series to be a wonderfully clever story of good vs evil. Yes, there is magic but there is magic in Narnia and Middle Earth, so don’t use that line of reasoning with me.

How have I not found The Eyre Affair before now? This is actually a series of books featuring the a British heroine named Thursday Next. Clever, clever, clever and full of Britishisms and literary references that any Anglophile book lover would enjoy. In the first book, Ms. Next travels into Jane Eyre to solve a crime. In the second, Lost in a Good Book (which is the one I’m actually reading at the moment) she has to learn to navigate between books. It’s rich, rich stuff, I tell you. Kind of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for Brit Lit lovers.

I’ve felt very unproductive at work lately; like I’m getting the basics done, but excelling at nothing. Part of that is because I’m stretched too thinly between home and work, but I still need to find a way to move through this malaise I’ve been in. Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, recommended this book a while back and it has been sitting on my shelf for quite a while. This summer I am committing to read it through, hoping to find something that will encourage me.

What are you reading?

Around our house

Here are some recent events in the Burley household:

1. School is OUT!!

2. Caleb and Daniel are doing Kidstage. This summer’s production will be Beauty and the Beast.
Caleb is filling the role of Gaston.

Daniel is Belle’s father, Maurice.

3. School isn’t out for everyone. Keith has returned to school and plans to get a degree in Accounting. He’s taking one class this month, and another class next month, then plans to go full time in the fall.

4. I’m helping plan a 25-year reunion for my high school class. TWENTY FIVE YEARS!! I’m considering a “The Breakfast Club Meets The Big Chill” theme.

From high school angst to adult complications and drama. Seriously — how did we move from one to the other so quickly?

5. I had another awesome trip with my friends from work. We did nothing illegal, but we did spray paint a few cars. 🙂

And although we didn’t do this one, I think it was my favorite one that day.

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