Song for your Soul

I talk a lot about music on here. Music expresses thoughts and emotions in a deeper way than words can.

So today I’m asking you . . . what song speaks to your soul? Maybe it’s a praise and worship song . . . maybe it’s a piece of classical music that lifts your spirits . . . maybe it’s a strong and forceful piece that allows you to wrestle with your more difficult emotions . . .

But what song speaks to you?


2 thoughts on “Song for your Soul

Add yours

  1. I suppose it depends on where my soul is at the moment (other than on the bottom of my shoe). But here are some that speak deeply to me:

    * Lifehouse's “Storm”
    * Jeff Buckley's “Hallelujah”
    * Don McLean's “American Pie”
    * Casting Crowns “Caught in the Middle”
    * Michael Wright's “St. Anthony's Fire”
    * The Beatles' “Let It Be”


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