I completely skipped five!

Five Foods
To be honest, I take a lot of pictures of food. These are just the first five that I found. 

Food is beautiful, isn’t it?  Just look at those tomatoes.  

When it’s not very pretty, it’s still so yummy.  

And festive.  You can tell that these were from a graduation party . . .

and that this was for a birthday . . . 

and this?  This was dessert in Savannah.  Makes you REALLY want to go now, doesn’t it?

Six of one . . half of dozen of the other

Six Places

 1.  Malibu, California.  A trip that came at the perfect time.  The whole coast of California is gorgeous — we spent several days driving down and visited San Francisco, Monterrey, Moro Bay, and Malibu along the way, but I think this is the only picture I have of just me overlooking the beach.  And you do know that I love the beach, don’t you? But I did so love my trip to California. 

2.  This is a picture of the road I’ve lived on most of my life.  It was one of the few snowy days that we have here in Arkansas, and I love the way the mailboxes look up and down the road.  I’m thankful that I live where I do.

3.  I realize that this is not a place.  These are biscuits.  I know that.  But on that same snowy day, I got to stay home with my children and actually COOK. I made biscuits and breakfast casserole. I enjoy cooking and feeding others, even though I don’t get to do it as often as I did before I worked full time.  But the kitchen — my kitchen — is still a big part of my life and yes, I do make a pretty good homemade biscuit when I get the chance to.

4.  This is Forsythe Square in Savannah, Georgia.  Savannah is one of my favorite southern cities.  It’s just different and quirky and has lots of history.  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is about the craziest book you’ll ever read and it is set in Savannah.  You should definitely go visit this town if you get a chance to.  Ride a trolley to get a tour and the history of the town.  Go into the old church buildings and marvel at the architecture.  Visit the Riverwalk and buy some pralines.  You’ll enjoy your time in Savannah.  That’s a promise.

5. Florence, Italy.  No, I didn’t take this picture, but Florence was the final destination of my one trip to Europe, so it simply must be included.  Beautiful, beautiful Florence!

6.  I can’t include a list of places without including Harding or the Harding library.  I am who I am because of this place and the people it has brought into my life.  This library was actually my library growing up.  We didn’t really go to the public library much, but we did check books out here in the summer.  I had to read fast because back in the day, those juvenile books only had a three-day checkout! But seriously — isn’t this a pretty campus?  And if you had to go to work every day, wouldn’t you want to work around books and great people?

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