Three, Two, One

Because I’m a big believer in finishing what I start, I’m going to finish up this challenge before moving on with a new direction on the blog.

First of all, Emily is doing well.  Well enough that she’s going to spend some time at school this week.  Although she won’t be going to class, she will meet with a couple of her teachers and get some individual tutoring on a couple of her more challenging subjects.  We’re going to try to cover as much ground as we can before next week when she has her bone graft surgery.  The overall goal is for her to be recovered and caught up enough to be in class next semester.  Please pray that we can meet that goal!

But on to the rest of the challenge.

 Three films:

Three films I love?  Three films I want to see?  Three films I hated?  Hmmm . . . decisions, decisions.

1.  Camera film.  I learned to take pictures back when cameras required film.  I never became an expert with it, but I did learn a bit about using a dark room to develop pictures and using different film speeds for different purposes.  I love photography and want to learn more some day.  Of course now, it’s almost all digital, but I still think it would be cool to learn more about film photography.

2.  Microfilm.  I work in an academic library.  An academic library was actually my childhood library-of-choice.  I learned to do research when microfilm was a necessary part of the process.  I still remember working on a paper in high school and seeing old newspaper articles scrolling across the screen in front of me.  Now, most of those articles can be found online, but I still love showing people how to use microfilm.  It makes me feel like a spy. 🙂

3.  Kumquat Harvest in Outer Cambodia.  This was one of those 16mm educational films that one of the coaches loved to show just for laughs when I was in junior high.  Although we thought it was silly, it inspired my brothers, sister, and me to start our favorite ongoing joke — Kumquats and Cambodiacs — and no, you don’t get to hear that story.  🙂

Two songs:

Since the Christmas season has begun, I’ll just send you here and here so you can see two super fun Christmas songs by Straight No Chaser.  You should most definitely buy their Christmas CD.

One picture:

I’ll say more about the picture later, but for now, just know that I love these people very much!

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