Whoops, I did it again

Last night after church, we had our end-of-the-year Lads to Leaders dinner.  Once again, I honestly do not believe that I overate, but what I ate was very different from what I’ve grown accustomed to eating.  There was pasta and garlic bread and very sweet desserts.  Although I used some of my weekly points, I was still within the range of what I’m supposed to be able to eat.

And yet.

Thirty minutes later, I felt heavy.  No, that’s not it.  “Heavy,” for me,  is an emotional feeling and this was very physical.  I felt the carbs and their cheesy sauces sitting in my stomach for a long time.  Lean proteins and vegetables don’t do that.  Carbs just sit there and make me feel BLEH.

So, the scale on Wednesday will tell me whether the influx of carbs has made a difference.  I don’t really count last week’s weigh in because all that food from Wednesday was still just sitting there.  On the scales last Wednesday, I had bounced back up almost to what I’d weighed two weeks before.  Hopefully, this week will show another loss and show that last week’s gain really was just because of what I’d had for lunch and that heavy, carby feeling that I was dealing with.

This is also the week to resume exercise.  My friend Lara wants me to Zumba with her and Emily is ready to tackle the treadmill and leg presses again.  Zumba sounds both fun and hilarious. Fun because it’s Latin dances.  Hilarious because it’s ME trying to do it.

Here is my new inspiration.

No excuses!


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  1. Wow, I want to hear about your Zumba experience if you do it. I'm still too chicken, but if we lived in the same place and could go together, I would try it! Have fun if you go!

    They have it right down the street, so maybe sometime when you're over here we could go together and you can lead the way. 🙂


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