Meet my new friend Jillian

I’m not really a morning person.  My mornings usually look a lot like this:

Neither am I an exerciser.  My idea of exercise looks a lot like this:

However, I made myself a promise a while back.  Actually, I don’t know if it was a promise or a threat or just plain crazy talk.  When I started this preparation-for-oldness journey that I’m on, I told myself that I would start a cardio program when I weighed less than 200 pounds.

I probably didn’t think that would ever happen.  It was probably just a way to make an excuse.  BUT — it happened.


So now I have to.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you have to be honest with yourself. Keep your promises that you make to yourself or nothing else really matters.

And here I am.  Initially, I thought a couch-to-5k plan would be my first step, but you know what?  It’s hot out there.  REALLY hot, even at 6:30 AM.  Instead of diving into a C25K, I’m going to get to be good friends with this woman:

Why?  Because every morning, we will be doing this:

Yes, I am scared.

Yes, I am inviting you to share the journey so I can have witnesses if this is merely a tool of slow, painful death.

See you tomorrow.


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