Of broccoli and Monte Python

I’ve done two days of Level One.

I am sore.

I am taking ibuprofen.

Lots of ibuprofen.

I feel body parts I thought I didn’t have anymore.

But I am not dead.  Yet.

Not dead is good, right?

I’m not expecting some big miraculous change in my body, although I did take my measurements before I started and will remeasure when I’m done. I’m not even sure that my main goal is being more active or physically fit.  I think it’s mostly about challenging myself and facing a part of me that I’ve never really tested.

I’ve spent my life telling myself that I’m not an athlete; that I don’t enjoy physical activity.  For me to say that is like most three-year-olds saying they don’t like broccoli the first time it lands on their plate.  If you haven’t tried it, how do you know if you like it?

So I’m trying.  Not for a PE class.  Not out of guilt over what I should or shouldn’t be doing or how I should look or what size I should be.  Just for me. To challenge that inner voice that has kept me from doing LOTS over the course of a lifetime.  Who says that you can’t learn to be active just because you haven’t been before? Who knows what you will or won’t like?

What assumptions have you made about yourself?  That you’re not a good cook?  That you aren’t organized?  Not a good housekeeper or money manager?  Try it.  You’ll probably have to learn some new skills and carve out some time, but who knows?  You may rise from the cart of the undead and find out that you like broccoli!  🙂

And you’ll probably take some ibuprofen along the way too.


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