of things done, not done, and learned

Things done:

  • Everyone has gotten to school on time every day so far.
  • I bought a skirt with a 14 in the size.
  • I bought pants with no letters in the size.
  • I met with four classes yesterday — FOUR.
  • Picked up and signed out three kids from two different schools, took them to a funeral, bought them lunch, and got them all back to school within a 2 1/2 hour time frame.  All on the day I met with four classes.  FOUR.

Things not done:

  • Regular exercise
  • I haven’t killed anyone
  • Gratitude journalling
  • Clean kitchen every night
  • Laundry. 
  • Daily meditation

Things learned:

  • The dishes will always be there.  Always.
  • The laundry will always be there.  Always.
  • Wanting to exercise regularly and actually exercising regularly are two different things.
  • I have to track what I eat.  If I don’t, I’m still capable of eating absolutely anything in sight.
  • I still REALLY DOUBT MYSELF when shopping for clothes.  Check out the facial expression here. 
  • Coffee is still one of the absolute best things about morning.  Maybe the absolute best thing about morning.
  • Life is short and uncertain (see reference to funeral attendance in “things done” section.) Love easily.  Laugh loudly.  Sing and dance whenever you have the chance.  Don’t waste time.
  • Every day is a new day with a new chance.

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