40 Days of Thankfulness: Day Three

Yes.  Because this is how it feels to be forgiven and to also forgive.  Holding onto hurt and expectations from others feels like this:

Add to that all that we usually do:  try to look good, wear the right clothes, look people in the eye, have a smile on our face, maintain kindness and graciousness.  Add all of that to having to balance that big old load on your shoulders and it’s even harder.

So which do you choose?  Maybe that other person could do more.  Maybe that situation should have been handled differently.  But that didn’t happen.  You have what you have, so just do what you can and go on.  Forgive.  Move on.  Drop the load of could have-should have and just be.  Stand in the rain with your face up and feel it all.

I am thankful that I have been forgiven and that others are helping me learn to forgive. 


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