Can’t lie.

Sitting here under a quilt doing next to nothing is still one of my very favorite things to do. 

I’m giving myself nine more minutes of nothing and then I’m going outside to clean out a couple of cars because it’s a beautiful day. 
I guess even I have my introvert moments. 

Day 4: A song that makes me sad

The fist time I heard this song, I sat on a bed in a hotel room and cried.

 Still — for 100 reasons — some the same and some new — I cry.

 Listen to it.  Really listen to it.

Sometimes, sad is beautiful.

Day 2: My least favorite song

Hmmm . . . there are a lot of these, too.

Church song?  Sorry, but I hate God Give Us Christian Homes.  I just do.  Family should be happy and that song sounds like a funeral dirge.  Plus, there are so many families who struggle, I feel like we should have a song that says, “God, our families are very messed up but we love you anyway and pray that you’ll be with us in the middle of our messes.”  Even when we don’t meet the standards laid out in that song, we still have Christian families if we are focusing on him and trusting him to get us through it.  Besides, Christian is a great noun, but not so great as an adjective.

Song everyone else seems to love and I don’t?  Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music.  I love the musical.  Love musicals in general.  Never have liked that song and then I had to hear it 3-4 times a year at every Harding graduation and convocation.  Ugh.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  Oh. And pretty much anything from the musical Annie.  Sorry.  Well, not really.

Classic rock songs I hate?  Beth by KISS.  Have you listened to the words?  It’s not a love song.  He’s calling his wife/girlfriend/whoever over and over to tell her why he’s not coming home — he’d rather hang out with his friends.  Not a love song and definitely not cool.



I want to write more. Focus on life and sustained thought. 

To facilitate this, I deleted my Facebook app from my phone and added the Blogger app. My plan is to use Facebook for work purposes (it’s part of my job) and for messaging, but not to use it extensively beyond that. 
I hope to write. Process. Develop thought. I’ll do that here, and possibly post it on Facebook in order to share with others. To get back into a routine of regular writing, I’ll work through the Song Challenge, but other pieces of life will be interspersed. 
Here’s why I need to write more. 

I have a really good life. I want to be present and soak it up for what it is. 

I want to honor my friends and family and be a full participant in what’s around me. 

Life is good. God is good. 

Day 1: My favorite song

For a music lover, it’s impossible to pick one song that you love.  It has to be narrowed down from the beginning  Genre?  Era?  Specific performer?  You have to start from a smaller pool than just “a song you love.”

Daniel burned a CD with some of his favorites and this is one it, meshed between themes from the Legend of Zelda soundtrack and grunge rock from Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

I’ll confess:  I listened to it three times in a row this morning.  It makes me want to sing and get up and dance.  The human voice is amazing and the members of Pentatonix use their voices beautifully.  It may not be deep or contemplative, but sometimes life calls for a bit of fun.

In an entirely different vein, I love Eddie Vedder’s Guaranteed.  I cried the first time I heard it.  The words, the voice, the stripped-down acoustic guitar, the cry to be free and longing to be loved.  It’s beautiful.

“I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me.”

Another heartbreaking and beautiful song is Johnny Cash’s take on Nine Inch Nails’ song Hurt.  Hearing his aged voice sing words of remorse and apology is unforgettable.  This is a stand-in-the-dark-and-let-it-wash-over-you song.

“You can have it all — my empire of dirt — I will let you down — I will make you hurt.  If I could start again — a million miles away — I would keep myself — I would find a way.”  The subtle yet persistent piano rhythm toward the end is instrumental genius.

 So . . . three different songs, all songs I love.  There are hundreds more.  I hope you find some joy or release in these.

Maybe third time’s a charm

This is the third time this year I’ve wanted to blog more.  Maybe this time it will stick.

Here are some things you should know:

  • I took a break from focusing on food things.  All my clothes still fit, but I’ve gained back about twenty pounds.  Today, I’m OK with that, but I know that I need to regain some focus if I want to be healthy and able to give my best to the people I love.
  • We have continued to have ups and downs with my mom’s health.  Right now, she’s in a local nursing home but hopefully that will be temporary.
  • Caleb and Daniel are both taller than I am now.  They are wonderful young men with good hearts.  I am honored to be their mom.
  • Caleb has his first job.  He’s working at a local restaurant that our friend Cheryl runs.  He loves it.  He loves her.  She loves him.  The customers love him.  He’s doing a good job and enjoying having some of his own money.
  • There are two weeks and two days left in this semester.  Not that I’m counting.
  • I still haven’t developed a regular exercise routine.
  • God is still very, very good in the midst of a life that is sometimes very, very hard.

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