Externalizing the internal

Abby asked me how I felt when I’m micromanaged from within. What do I want to say to the doubting internal dialog? And what would I say to the people who have put me through waves of self-doubt over my recent decision to marry.  Without much hesitation, I answered,”I want to say that you don’t know me and I do. I know I’m capable. I know my strengths. I know I can do this.” She challenged me to write that down and post it someone in my office where I could see it. 

And so I did. The beach is my happy place. The sound of the waves centers me. I feel more grounded there than anywhere. A few years ago, my sister gave me this picture and I’ve had it in my office as a mental mini-vacation spot. One of my college student friend volunteered to do the writing around the margin, and now it sits front and center on my desk. 


And yes. That is Scarlett O’Hara in the pink frame. I don’t think that requires much explanation. 
Rewriting old scripts can be hard. I need to have this message in front of me on an ongoing basis. Isn’t it lovely? Not only the picture, but the words of strength and the knowledge that it was written by a friend? 

I am capable. 

I know my strengths. 

I know I can do this. 


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