why i need jimmy carter


In a word, that’s it.

Since identifying that calm, loving internal voice as Jimmy Carter, several little things have clicked.  I’m reading his memoir A Full Life and I can hear his beautiful southern voice as I read.  It calms me and brings peace.  Today, I started his daily devotional book and the gentle wisdom in it does the same thing.  My heart voices a resounding, yes! as I read his words. I can hear his story and his years of experience.

I will readily admit to feeling defeated in a couple of areas right now.  Food has once again gotten the best of me.  When I’m tired, I eat.  When I want to de-stress, I eat.  My body is pulling me toward simple carbs and sweets, which is not what I want to eat when I’m not stress eating.  It’s hard to realize that I’m once again at this place. I’m also being stretched WAY before my comfort zone in a personal area of my life and it’s causing physical stress — tension in my neck and shoulders and jaw.

So today, I listened to Jimmy.  I cancelled two services that were no longer serving me, but only providing additional sources of stress.  I committed to returning to yoga and I claimed the fact that I am a good wife.

And all  the while, a gentle southern man stood next to me and smiled, encouraging me with the soft sounds of a coastal Georgian accent.


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