I’m a woman of the mind.  I read.  I think. I even store my stress in my neck and shoulders.

My mouth is also a big part of my identity. I teach.  I sing.  I talk.

Thanks to years of concerted effort, I have also learned to be a listener, using my ears and brain together.

When you ask me how something feels, I will most likely answer with an emotion related to my mind.  I feel tired.  I’m overwhelmed. 

It was recently called to my attention that I rarely, if ever, talk about how my body feels.  It’s almost like my whole life lives from my neck up.  I think.  I talk.  I eat.  I think some more. I listen a bit.  I talk some more and eat some more and think some more and feel some more.

It reminded me of Paul’s statement about how the Ephesians lived in the futility of their minds.  I’m not a biblical scholar, but it makes sense to me that maybe they also suffered from mind-body disconnect.

So I was challenged to reconnect.  To focus on how my body feels and not participate only in the things that are going on between my ears.  Once a day, I’m to take a few minutes and focus and ask myself How does my body feel?

Today, I did that during yoga and you know what the answer was?

My body feels strong.

As I moved from a down dog into a plank for the third consecutive time, my body felt strong.

And connected to my soul and my mind.

And it was very good.


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