Art therapy, day 3

Pick an object in your house. While looking only at the object put your pen to paper and draw it without picking up your pen. Colour in your crazy art.

Funny how a little thing like a drawing project can teach you about yourself. I believe I’ve already shared that I don’t view myself as artistic. I love beautiful things and have utmost respect for people who can create them, but I’ve always believed my strengths lie elsewhere. 

I chose to draw this chair because I didn’t want to tackle the huge shelf of books across from me. Even with the simplicity of the chair, I didn’t believe I could do it with my eyes closed. 

I was downright giddy when I opened my eyes and saw what I’d done. I did it. I added the coloring later, but I drew something that actually resembles the chair. It challenged what I believe my capabilities to be. Maybe I can communicate this way. Maybe I can create beauty. 

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