What would Jimmy say?

Presidential style_07

That was the question today.  What would Jimmy say if he was able to confront MC Hammer?

That was hard to think about.  When MC Hammer is in the picture, she’s big and she takes over the whole place.  There’s no room for me.  For Ellie (little Lisa) or Allie (adult Lisa) or Zoe or any other part of me.  If I picture it in my head, there’s this HUGE out of control MC and then there’s tiny little something over in the corner cowering away.

But what would happen if Jimmy Carter entered the room?  If there was a confrontation?

I hate confrontation.  I hate the edginess and turmoil it brings. The very idea scared me and I wasn’t sure I would be able to do this because of my concern that it would add even more negativity to an already overwhelming dynamic.

Enter Jimmy.

And none of those things came with him.  With him came peace and calm and peace.  He looked at MC and stood with his hands in his pockets and sighed like a patient father.

MC, none of that is true. Lisa is none of those things and besides — being a girl is isn’t a bad thing anyway.  You don’t even know her and you can’t keep trying to make her be something that she’s not.

Truth.  Calm.  Diffusion.

MC shrank in size and suddenly, there was room for me.

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