Living from love


In two more days, I will have two weeks off work.  Two weeks to spend my time and energy in ways that I choose, rather than in ways that are chosen for me.  Energetic, overly excited me wants to read all the books and watch all the movies and knit all the projects, do all the yoga, and take all the walks.

Living from love me knows that staying in that mode will lead me to unfinished projects and frustration and disappointment with myself and who wants to spend their two weeks off work being disappointed with self? Not me.  So here’s my prioritized list chose from all the books, all the movies, all the projects, all the yoga, and all the walks.

Read all the books:

  • Finish Health at Every Size and journal my responses
  • Read The Lake House. Kate Morton is my favorite recent fiction author and I need some good fiction
  • Read The Faithful GardenerIt’s short and to be honest, I don’t completely know what to expect.  Sometimes, we need to do things that surprise us and catch us off guard.  This will be my surprise gift to myself

Watch all the movies:

  • A surprise series (ooooohhhhhh)
  • George Balanchine’s Nutcracker. It’s absolutely beautiful and I will never tire of it
  • Love, Actually is all around
  • Nothing else comes to mind, but I’m giving myself permission to watch others if I have time and desire

Knit all the projects:

  • Finish the scarf I’m currently working on and mail it to its intended recipient
  • Learn to make these cute little hearts
  • Finish the shawl I’m working on and get it to its intended recipient

Do all the yoga and take all the walks:

  • Three yoga videos from CurvyYoga and go for a walk each morning

In case you’re wondering, I realize that list still seems a bit ambitious, so I’m giving myself permission not to do the last thing on each list. It’s a plan, and a plan that feels doable.


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