Still lovin’ and livin’

I didn’t read all the books

But I had a wonderful time spending my days with my family

I didn’t watch all the movies

Except for the days I spent watching all the Terminator movies with Jason

I didn’t go for all the walks

But I did explore the Curvy Yoga site, find some videos I like, and start an accountability check in with someone else on the site.

But I did knit all the things.

I finished the projects I needed to finish and remembered how much I enjoy knitting. Happy rediscoveries are the best.

I have a good life.  I have a husband who loves me and encourages me to be my best person.  I have children who enjoy coming home or being home.  My focus is being as welcoming and loving to myself as I am to others.

Welcoming my core truths

Welcoming my physical presence

Welcoming my joy of living

I have some goals for this year.  I want to read more, so I set a goal of reading 10 books.  I want to rediscover the activities that my body enjoys — regular yoga, walking, moving to music — and carve out time in my life.

And I want to show up for the people who matter.  Sadly, these days that involves going to funerals, but I will prioritize people over things and agendas and I will be there.



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