New beginnings

I’m going to start a new chapter in my life.  The last couple of years have been full of change, but recently I’ve made a decision and it’s getting more exciting each day.

I’m going to train to be a  yoga instructor.

Specifically, I’m going to train to be a body positive yoga instructor.  Although all yoga accepts people where they are, body positive yoga helps teachers learn specifically how to adapt classes to people with physical challenges, whether it’s size or handicap.

While I have children at home, I’m going to focus on increasing my own practice, both in classes and at home.  When time is more flexible, I will seek training.

Here are my favorite body positive yoga websites:

MyNameIsJessamyn on Instagram

So, Lisa, why that picture in a post about yoga?

This is a section of a painting by Peter Max, entitled “At the feet of my master.” It embodies surrender and learning from a master teacher.  It beautifully pictures how we come to God — the divine — in both our bodies and our spirits.

That’s part of what yoga helps me do and I want to share that with others.  In our desire to improve our souls, we often forget about our bodies, but they are connected; they are one.

I’ll be writing about my journey here and you’re welcome to join me.

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