Amazing April

Today is May 6.  By midnight, my house will be full of family.  My children will be home to attend family graduations and, thankfully, we will be able to spend Mother’s Day together.  Jason’s parents and nephew will also be here for the weekend.

Before it gets lost in the busyness of this weekend, reflection on April is a must.

It started with a Barry Manilow concert for me and Jason.  We were given last minute tickets and decided to go because Barry Manilow is such a class part of growing up in the 70s and 80s.


The best way I know to describe it?  It was the whitest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Ever. I felt like I was in the Poconos in the 1950s.

The next week, Emily had our long awaited Mumford and Sons concert.

It was amazing.  Fan focused.  The presence of music filled the arena and my soul answered its call.

Later in the month, it was time for Peggy and me to go hear Glennon from Momastery, and the month wrapped up with a trip to see Sir Paul McCartney with Daniel.

I’m still processing it all.  The music, the spirit, the beautiful truth shared by Glennon.
  • Trying to be perfect for God is like dressing up for an x-ray.
  • Maybe we all feel like failures as parents because we have the wrong job description.  Maybe we aren’t supposed to protect them from hurting.  Pain is where we learn our lessons.  Maybe we’re supposed to protect them from the easy button.
  • I love Christianity because a girl like me can’t rest of karma.  I need the grace.  All about the grace.
  • I’m a white, female Sunday school teacher.  If you think I’m a liberal, you need to get out more.

It’s been an amazing April.  I’ve said beautiful but difficult goodbyes to some wonderful students and have made memories with friends and family.  I’ve been challenged to reengage my right brain and indulge in some creativity. I bought a new Bible in order to follow my internal nudge to be more focused in my spiritual development.

Come on May.  What have you got for me?


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