The ABCs of gratitude

As I journey through life
By your side, I
Cannot help but
Dwell on the goodness you bring to
Every day.  The
Fun, the
Giggles, the
Hand holding . . .
I don’t know how I managed before.
Just sitting next to you doing nothing. . . it’s your
Kindness. Your
Laugh.  You
Make my heart happy every day.
Nothing prepared me for the feeling
Of safety.  Of knowing I was with my
Person.  I feel like a
Queen and our home is our palace.  Our
Refuge.  Our own fortress of
Thank you.  And yes, I will continue to marry you
Under the moon each time we are beneath it. The
Very nature of the moon mirrors life.  It
Waxes and wanes, but is constant. Always there,
eXpecting to change and shift with time.
You are my love.  My best friend.  My person. My
Zoe (my life)

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