Styling, part 1

My friend Abby said I should start a style blog. This confused me because A: I have struggled with clothing all of my life and B: Abby has heard more of my angst about clothing and what to wear than just about anyone else.

I though, though. “Hmm…that lady in the student center did say she liked my hair and hmm…a student worker asked me where I buy my clothes and hmm…a young friend asked me to teach her how to dress when she becomes a mom.”

If nothing else, I decided, I could post pictures of what I’m wearing and why I’m wearing it.

So here goes.

The picture is dark, but I’m wearing tall, brown boots, skinny jeans, a plain black shirt, and a leopard print scarf. Today is a family day and get things done day, so the most important thing was comfort. Hence the skinny jeans/leggings, whatever you want to call them. Y’all can hate on them as much as you want to, but they are super comfy and so I wear them.

The black shirt was Jason’s but we decided it looked much better with boobs in it so it’s mine now. And it’s also super soft and comfy and warm.

The scarf was given to me for Christmas one year by my dear friend Becky who is much more stylish than I am. She teaches it, for pity’s sake. I always know I’m doing ok if Becky oks an outfit.

My hair is short and spiky these days because it’s easy. I learned a long time ago to let my hair call the shots. It takes me all of five minutes to do my hair and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is full of way too many good things to spend a lot of time on hair.

My girls and I used to spend a lot of hours watching What Not to Wear and at one time I think they considered sending me in to be on the show. However, I was emerging from my mommy phase of life then and my clothing choices finally gave them some hope. One thing I learned from WNTW was that any combination of neutrals will work. Hence, the brown, denim, and black together. My glasses are red and add a splash of color to shake things up a bit. 

The best thing about all this? Cheap. Payless boots. Clearance rack jeans. The shirt was ransomed from Jason and the scarf was a gift from a friend and is full of a lifetime of memories.

So today’s style tip? Be comfortable. Shop sales. Wear things you love from people you love and don’t let your hair control your life.

Big Girl Postscript: I have really thick calves and Payless has boots that work for me. If you also have thick calves, I’d recommend trying their selections, but add some Dr Scholls gel insoles for more support and walking comfort. 


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