Styling at home

This is a very typical choice of outfit for a day at home that may include running an errand or two. Yes, those are the same skinny jeans I wore yesterday. This is a judge free zone, so don’t judge me.

And my flannel shirt. Oh how I love my flannel shirt. A couple of years ago, my best girlfriends and I had a weekend away in a cabin in Mountain View, Arkansas. We went to Walmart and saw these flannel shirts in the men’s section and all got one in different colors. (As a former seamstress, I love that the plaid stripes match up.) So this shirt brings me great joy because it’s comfortable and full of great memories.

And here’s the close up. I have a no make up rule on my days at home. Moisturizer is a must, though, ladies. Use your moisturizer and give your face a break from the make up. You are beautiful. Each and every one of you is beautiful, so don’t be a slave to make up.

Big Girl Postscript: When I picked out this shirt in the store, all of my sizing insecurities came through. My friends are all smaller than I am and I was very aware that they were grabbing smalls and mediums while I was looking for an extra large IN MENS! When I got it on, though, it was a reminder of how I often overestimate the size I need because of my internal dialog of “you’re huge and nothing will fit.” But it did. It’s even too big, which was a huge surprise for me. 

It’s hard for us to see ourselves as we actually are. Well, it’s hard for me. Maybe it is for you too. I would encourage us all, though, to work on setting that internal dialog aside and trying on the clothes we love and see how they look and feel on our bodies. You might be surprised. 

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