The heart of style 

Over the years, I’ve struggled with self doubt and a lot of insecurity about my appearance. Abby helped me realized I needed to talk to myself like I talk to others. I’m genetically predisposed to being an encourager, but needed to do that for myself.

What I’ve learned is that if I feel good about myself, I will feel good about what I wear. If I don’t feel good about myself, I can wear the same thing and feel yuck.

You are enough. You do so much for others and yourself and you have everything you need to feel good about your appearance. If you have a spirit of love and acceptance for self and others, you will look amazing no matter what you wear. You will shine with beauty; the kind of beauty that lasts throughout a lifetime.

Big Girl Postscript: I know that we often struggle with feeling like we are too much. Too big. Take up too much space. You are not too much. The best thing you can do is live your life the way you want to today. Don’t wait until you lose 20 pounds until you wear leggings. Don’t wait until you’re at your goal weight to buy that dress. Buy the size that feels good on your body and own it. Yes, I really do have that mirror hanging in my house. You look amazing today. I look in that mirror every day before I leave. Some days, stopping by that mirror makes the difference in whether or not I smile before I leave the house. Find a happy thing that can make you feel good before you leave the house and give yourself the gift of looking at it every day. 

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