Let’s talk accessories

I’m back at work today, so jeans and sweatshirts weren’t an option.  Trust me — I would live in jeans in sweatshirts if I could, but we all have responsibilities and an adult life to live, so today was more of a dress up day than  other recent days.  Ignore the mess behind me, and notice the scarf.


And the bracelet.


And these bracelets too. Not the metal ones, but the beaded ones.


Do you notice any similarities?  If you go back up and look closely at my glasses, they will also give you a clue.

It’s color.  The scarf, glasses, and bracelets all have similar colors, primarily purple.  I don’t think you can see my earrings, but they have purple too.  I’m a huge believer in finding colors that make you happy — colors that sing to your heart — and focusing on them throughout the seasons and eras of life.  Purple is my go-to.  It’s happy.  It’s rich.  It’s brightens my spirit and heart when I see it.  Colors come and go with the fashion industry, but your color — the one that sings to your heart — will always be beautiful on you.

When you see a beautiful sunset, which color speaks to you?  When you notice flowers and birds, what stands out to you, takes your breath away, and makes you feel alive?  That’s the color that sings to your heart.  Find ways to add it to your clothing choices and your accessories and you will always feel strong about what you are wearing.

There’s meaning behind the other aspects too, but we’ll save that for another time.

Big Girl Postscript: Don’t be afraid of colors.  I’m sure you all heard the things I did growing up, that we shouldn’t draw more attraction to ourselves than we needed to and that solids were “slimming” and “helped you blend in.”  Baloney.  You are amazing and deserve to stand out as much as you choose to.  Wear the bright blouse.  Choose the big, chunky, colorful accessories.  It’s OK to wear clothes and fun things that say, “Notice me!  I am here!  I am not too much!”  Find what makes your heart sing and share it with the world.  The world needs your presence and beauty. 

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  1. I appreciate you more every single article. Every. Single. One. I thought were beautiful the minute I met you. You were in scrubs. When you can rock the scrubs, you can rock ANYTHING! Love you! 😂 P.S. I feel beautiful today, mainly bc I have really been taking your advice to heart. I have only been a “big” girl since my hysterectomy 5 years ago. Before that, I was a twig…112 lbs. So, trying to find styles that fit my fairly new body shape has been frustrating, discouraging, depressing. I try to hide behind bland. But…youve really made me think. And now I walk with my head just a little higher and I’m experimenting with new things. Today, I’m rocking a maroon and gray (our school colors) flannel from Walmart (bc you assured that was cool), a lace tank top I found at the Goodwill last week, maroon jeggings rolled up to just above my new pair of gray ankle boots. The rolled up jeans or jeggings rolled up to show off the whole ankle boot is all the style here so I gave a stab at it at the last minute on my way out the door this morning. I didn’t question it and I didn’t judge myself. I just told myself it looked great and walked out the door. I arrived to school (I teach high school) and immediately got compliments on my “trendy” outfit. Who knew flannel and lace was trendy?? Not me! I just wanted to mix patterns and textures…and get by with wearing a men’s flannel shirt to school! Thank you Lisa!

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