Confessions of a perpetual student

I confess:  I would go to school forever if I could.  I would learn and learn and learn and learn and listen and listen and listen and listen and take notes and take notes and take notes and take notes and make As until there weren’t anymore to make.


I love school.  It’s my happy place.  It’s where I’m a fish in the water and where I know what to do and where I get positive feedback.  I like completing projects and having deadlines and plugging into a structure that’s been set for me.

So, yes.  If someone else would pay for my life, I would go to school forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. 

When I had a house full of young children and and the laundry and dishes never got done and I was never sure if I was being good enough as their mom, I would stand and think to myself, I need to go to school.  I need to make an A.  No one grades me on parenting so I how do I know if I’m doing an OK job?  School may be torture for some, but it is a happy place for me.
30713025 - stressed out mother in kitchen with her babies

So I’m doing it.  I’m going back to school.  I’m taking two classes that start next week and am planning to complete a masters in counseling over the next four years.  And I am so excited.  I keep eagerly checking my email to see if the online component of the classes have been published yet.  I want to see a syllabus. I want to look at assignments. I want a list of readings.

I’m ridiculously excited about being in a classroom with real, live people again.  Working on projects. Writing with purpose.  Learning new things.

Don’t worry.  I won’t therapize you.  I’ve always been a good listener and to you, my friends, that what I want to always be.  A listener.  A supporter.  An encourager.  A team member.  I’ve lived long enough and learned enough to know that life is best navigated with friends on your team, and being a good friend is my number one goal.


I won’t pull a football (or anything else, for that matter) out from underneath you. Good friends don’t do that.  But if you hear someone being ridiculously happy or see someone doing a happy dance, it may be me.


Because I’m going back to school.


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