Keeping it real 

I’ve already told you I have no-makeup Saturdays, but I haven’t mentioned that I’ve become quite the minimalist in the last few years. This is a  fantastic feat since I’m a child of the 80s and had a steady relationship with makeup and hair product in my formative years.

So today, I thought I’d walk you through my makeup routine.

Disclaimer: I learned a long time ago that the sun is not my friend so sunscreen has been part of my life for a long time.  Also, genetically, I have pretty good skin.  I didn’t break out in high school (other than that 10th grade case of the chicken pox) and I don’t have a lot of wrinkles.  Yet.

So some of this is luck. 

This is where I start. I have friends who sell skin care products, and I completely respect them. However, given that I have the genetic coding I do, this works fine for me. Yep. Walmart brand. Walmart brand exfoliating wipes and Walmart brand moisturizer. Find what works for you, but I’ve found that my main needs are exfoliating, moisturizing, and sunscreen. Morning and night, these two are where it begins. Easy, fast, effective.

This is me. No make up. Unmade bed behind me. Like I said: keeping it real.

Step 1: foundation

I have super fair skin. No, I have transparent skin. For years, L’Oréal has been the only line that has a shade that matches my super fair skin. I’ve been using their mineral line for a few years because it’s a nice light coverage, but it really does even the redness in my face.

Step 2: add a little color:

And I do mean a little.  I know it seems odd to cover the color that’s there and then add some, but what can I say?  My skin tone is more even, it adds a bit more sunscreen, and helps me feel pulled together.  Just a touch on both cheeks.  No heavy contouring.  No blending of colors.  Just one, softly toned mineral powder on the cheeks and that’s it.

Step 3: the eyes have it.

For years, I was a three shades of eye shadow and eye liner girl.  And mascara . . . OH, the mascara I went through.  Remember?  I’m an 80s child.  Over time, I went from three shadows with liner to two with liner to one with liner. . . to one with no liner . . .  to none.

That’s right.  None.  No eye shadow.  No eye liner.  Just mascara.  And on Saturdays when I rarely wear makeup? I usually still throw some mascara on.  I think it’s because I wear glasses and the mascara helps my eyes pop just enough to be noticed a bit more.

I started using hypoallergenic a few years ago because my eyes get itchy if I don’t.  We all know  how super attractive it is to sit and scratch your eyes and have mascara grime on your face, right?  So just don’t.

Step 4: your kiss is on my lips

What did we do before Burt’s Bees?  Well, I know what I did.  I was a lipstick QUEEN.  Ask my kids!  I had lots of colors of pinks and browns and purply-brown, and rose colors and . . . you name it, I had it.  Now, a little bit of Burt’s Bees and I’m good.

I’ll just say it:  I also go monthly and get my eyebrows waxed and a few other facial areas where my lovely perimenopausal body has decided it needs some hair.  Why am I including this bit of information? Well, no one ever told me that I would someday have to decide how to manage facial hair.  I mean isn’t that a boy thing?  To shave or not to shave . . . that is the question when you’re a teenage boy!  It’s not supposed to be a question for women at the prime of their life!  So since no one ever told me, I’m telling you.  Be prepared.

So there you go:  Exfoliate.  Moisturize.  USE SUNSCREEN and keep it basic.  Let your beautiful self shine through.

Big Girl Postscript: You’re beautiful.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Don’t believe anyone who has that “she has such a pretty face, it’s to bad she’s heavy” attitude.  You are beautiful.  Period.  Own it.  Be it. With or without makeup, you are beautiful and deserve to take care of yourself just as much as anyone else does. 

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