Have life and have it to the full

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since I wrote anything here. I’ll admit it: I’ve been in a bit of a slump. I don’t know why, but I wound up in a slump for a few weeks. It took my therapist giving me the what-for about why I wasn’t doing the things that were good for me to get me out of it, but I am.

Part of what worked? Making myself go to yoga.  Why is that even a consideration to take off the list of things to do?

I’ll also include that during my slump (maybe the cause of it?), I had several days of sitting in the hospital next to my son while he dealt with the side effects of mismanaged Type 1 Diabetes.

Seeing your child go through that will put any mama in a slump.

Oh.  I also had strep and spent several days at home doing not much more than this:

But that’s getting better too, and I’ve been back at work most of this week.

So slump I was but slump I am no more.

Baby steps are being made in several areas. Caleb is taking more control of his diabetes. I’ve gone back to yoga more consistently. I’m resting a lot when I’m home, and I also had a HUGE breakthrough in my inner thought process that I’ll share tomorrow.  I’ll be working on a paper for one of my counseling classes and will need a brain break, so I’ll add it just as I wrote it in my journal. You will get full-on, stream-of-consciousness Lisa.

Be prepared.  That could get intense.

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