Let’s talk about our bodies 

See that? It’s me. Me when I’m about to go to yoga. Me wearing exercise clothes.

There’s this weird truth that our culture looks at people with larger bodies and thinks, “Geez. Why don’t you exercise?” Then they also look at us when we do and think, “Geez. Why are you wearing that? No one needs to see that. Cover it up.”

So this is what happens: large person wants to be healthy and move more. Large person goes to gym or exercise class. Large person is wearing all the wrong kinds of clothes because they want to cover up. Larger person is incredibly uncomfortable with the whole thing, especially the super fit, thin person who is wearing shorts and an exercise bra right next to them, so large person never returns to gym or class.

I have the utmost respect for the current movement of men and women who are refusing to let their size determine when and where they will exercise and what they will wear when they do.

Jessamyn Stanley

Dianne Bondy

Anna Guest-Jelly

Michelle Carter

Richard Widmark Jr.

These yogis are bold, brave, and they inspire me to just keep moving. To face the insecurities, wear the clothes that make it easier, and just keep moving.

I would like to encourage all women to do the same thing. I don’t care what your size is. Find a way that you enjoy moving, find the clothes that make it work for you and hold your head high when you walk into a gym or a class.

Large women who care about their bodies are not woodland elves who exist only in people’s imaginations. We are real people. We exist. And we deserve to be prepared and comfortable.

BGPS: If you’re looking for plus size athletic wear that works, try Torrid or Rainbeau Curves. I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from them.

My stream of consciousness paradigm shift

March 3, 2017

I’ve been wrestling. Wrestling with my internal dialog. Wrestling with my view of myself. Wrestling with feeling absolutely torn between wanting to honor my body as is and wanting it to be smaller and wanting to listen to my body and wanting someone else to tell me what and when to eat.

This has been a HUGE problem. Guilt. Shame. Constant negative self-talk. Two parts of me warring with each other.

Honor self.                Change.

Honor self.                Change.

Honor self.                Change.

This morning I had a huge AHA. Maybe even found the reason the voices have been so strong.

I do love myself. Not just my “self,” but my body. I love its curves. I love its feel. I love dressing it and caring for it.

And because I love it, I want to make changes that honor that love.

Not because I don’t like my body.

Because I DO like my body.

No.  I love my body.

This is a HUGE realization for me. Others may have felt differently about my body, but *I* love it.

I love my body.

Me. Lisa Fuller.  I love my body.


Oh, Lisa, when will you learn?

The quickest way for me to not write anything here is to say that I’m going to.


But I’m going to.  I promise. Soon.  I have things to say and I want to say them. Plus, summer is coming and we need to talk transition clothes and summer clothes and exercise clothes because you know what?

I don’t care what size you are, these things matter. We all need clothes and we all deserve to wear clothes that help us feel good. We shouldn’t feel shame about our bodies and size or about wanting to look nice. If you are a breathing human being, you deserve to be able to look good and feel good in your clothes, no matter what you’re doing and no matter what your size.

And we’re going to talk food and feelings and life and joy and sadness and courage. Oh, yes.  We will talk courage.

So stay tuned. I have much to say.

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