Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge

I’m starting a 30 day challenge.  Part of the challenge for me is to write daily.  Another part is to face my fears in terms of writing about things that really matter to me rather than staying with the easy things. I found a set of 30 emotional eating writing prompts and am going to use them as a jump start.

Day 1: My biggest barrier to weight loss is___________________ and here is why:

Well.  Here’s the thing: I’m not in this to lose weight.  I’m in this to adopt healthy behaviors.  There’s a lot of research that points to the unhealthy impact of diet culture and the quest for thinness.  Here’s an academic journal about it and here’s a whole book you can read. There’s also research showing that size isn’t the important thing, but that healthy behaviors are. So my goal isn’t to lose pounds; my goal is to adopt healthy behaviors.  With this in mind, I will continue.

My biggest barrier to adopting healthy behaviors is myself. In the past, I would have said time, but my youngest child is graduating from high school in a few days and my children are very self-sustaining.  Yes, I work full time.  Yes, I’m also in grad school and taking two classes, but there’s time for a few 30 minute walks or a yoga practice at home. Somehow, though, by the time I get home, I just want to sit on the couch and hang out with Jason. I’ve spent the majority of my life not wanting to be home.  Now I love it.

Oh.  And I don’t like to sweat.  That’s definitely a factor.

Food is actually getting much better.  We decided to cut out as many simple carbs as we could, so for the past couple of months, we’ve eaten a lot of protein, fresh vegetables, and some fruit. We’re not aiming for perfection. We are aiming for keeping the goal in mind. I’ve noticed, though, that I have much more energy than I did when I ate a lot of carby foods. I also have a goal of drinking a couple of glasses of water every day at work.  Being hydrated definitely helps.

So there’s day 1: a clarification of goals and a basic assessment of my biggest hindrance: me.



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