Dear Food

Day 3: What is your relationship to food like? Write it a letter, as if it were a real person.

Dear Food,

Please, just leave me alone. I’m tired of you.  I’m tired of thinking about our relationship and whether you’re enough for me or too much. I’m tired of the guilt that you bring to every interaction that we have. It makes me angry that you are necessary to life and that I can’t just walk away and never have to deal with you again. Everyone else talks about you like you’re this wonderful thing, a treat that makes days better and that sharing you with others is a highlight of life for them.


Not for me.  To me, you are a constant source of stress. Planning, shopping, preparing, cleaning up. How much? What’s a “good choice”? What are other people thinking of me when they see the food I choose? And don’t tell me that other people don’t notice what I eat, because other people have commented on my food choices all of my life. “Are you sure you need that?” if I got something and “What’s wrong? Don’t you want something?” if I didn’t. “Eating too much will make you fat,” partnered with “You have a headache? You must be hungry; get something to eat.”

Mixed messages.  Mixed messages at home, mixed messages throughout culture, and mixed messages in my own head.  I love the thought of having people over and feeding them; I hate the stress of it and feelings of responsibility.

So please, Food.  Just leave me alone. Some people may look forward to heaven because of that idea of it being a  never ending banquet.  For me, heaven would be never having to deal with food again.

Sincerely, but definitely NOT yours,




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