Day 4: After a weekend full of family

Dear Body,

I love you.  It’s taken me years to be able to say that, but today I can unapologetically say that I love my body. Yesterday alone, you enabled me to walk through the Clinton Library and Little Rock’s Old State House and share part of my story and the story of my state with people I love. You also supported me through a much-needed yoga practice after a weekend of busyness and activity.  Your skin — my skin — even let me know when enough sun was enough by slightly changing color and feeling warm.


Outside the Clinton.  The current traveling exhibit features giant bugs.  lol!

I love a good tablescape.

And you know I love me some Jimmy Carter, even if he’s painted on an Easter egg!

Little Rock’s Old State House.  A part of Arkansas and Lisa Fuller history. In high school, I was a delegate to student congress and our sessions were held in the old House of Rep and Senate chambers.  It was super cool. 


Last night, you slept and slept well. My eyes allowed me to watch one of my favorite movies with Jason and my hand allowed me to hold his hand while we sat together. My ears heard music that brought wonderful memories of both my mother and my daughter to mind. My mind accessed stored memories that had been filed away for later.


I love my body because it is strong. It grew and gave birth to babies and fed them throughout their first years. Sure its size and shape has been all over the place, but it has thrived through all of those changes and is still strong and capable. It lets me go and do and see and hear and feel and remember and smile and speak and sing.

After a lifetime of being uncertain, today it is very good to say: I love my body.







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