Mirror, mirror

Day 6: When I look in the mirror at myself, I feel…

…both thankful and challenged.

Why thankful? This may be the most important part.

I am thankful because I am.
I exist.
I live, I breathe.
I am capable of doing everything necessary for life.
My eyes work, my mind works, my limbs are strong.
I’ve grown, given birth to, and raised babies.

My body works as it is supposed to even though I haven’t always taken good care of her. (And yes – my body is female so I will use feminine pronouns.)

I am challenged because when I look in the mirror these days, I can also see two realities. A lifetime of weight gain and loss is obvious. Stretch marks. Loose skin. A higher set point. Minimal exercise. It’s all there. I’m still thankful for every bit of it, so the challenge is to not dwell on I should have or I wish.

I should have kept the weight off.
I should have exercised more.

I wish I’d found yoga sooner.
I wish I could tan.
I wish I hadn’t sunburned in my 20s.

Those thoughts could take over if I wanted them to so I challenge myself daily to see the positive aspects of myself.  I am also challenged not to moralize my choices as right or wrong or good or bad. They simply are. It isn’t right to be athletic.  It isn’t wrong to be a reader. It isn’t right to be thin and it isn’t wrong to be thick. It isn’t right to be energetic or wrong to be tired. It simply is.

And sometimes, choosing this daily is too much.  Sometimes, I choose it one small moment at a time.

When I look at myself in the mirror I feel thankful and challenged because I am a remarkable human being (and you are too) and each day holds new opportunities.



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