Week or weak?

I haven’t written in a while. If I stay with the 30-day journal prompt, today is day 7, but you all know I started writing longer than a week ago.  So, is this a Week Post or is a Weak Post due to procrastination? I don’t know if there’s a right answer to that.


But here I am again, and so I’ll follow the prompts.

Day 7: Review your entries from the past 6 days (or few weeks . . . whatever!). What patterns are you noticing?

1: I like pictures.  I love words, but also believe that pictures tell a bigger story than words can.

2. My family is important to me.  Very important. Last weekend, Jason and I went to see Wonder Woman.  Any time I saw Wonder Woman engage in battle, my thought was “yes. . . this is what women do. . . we fight for the people we love.”

3. I am comfortable being me. I am comfortable in my skin.

4. I do not have a good relationship with food, even though I have a much improved relationship with  my body and my self. In fact, when I have to think about my lifelong relationship with, there’s anger mixed in with.

5. A side note: I miss writing about clothes and figuring out life in these bodies of ours. I may some super fun discoveries lately and I’m excited about sharing them with you!


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