I did a thing

Sometimes, I do things that surprise me. Isn’t it interesting that we can surprise our very own selves?

And yet we can.

Over the last couple of years I’ve surprised myself by realizing that I enjoy physical activity. Not all of it, mind you, but there are things I enjoy enough that I will make room for them in my busy life. It isn’t a have to thing, it’s a want to thing.

because you love

And that’s another thing that surprises me.  Not that I love activity, but that I have learned to appreciate my body as-is. Is it perfect? No, but neither is anyone else’s.  That doesn’t change the fact that our bodies are capable of remarkable things. My body grew human beings, for Pete’s sake. It — no, she — my body is female — grew them, birthed them, and nourished them. That by itself is pretty remarkable.

So what is this other thing I did that surprised me?  Well, I was recently reminded of how much courage it takes to show up in a new place with people you don’t know and do an activity you’ve never done before when your body doesn’t fit the mold of who should be in that space. I mean, activity classes are for fit people, right? And yoga?  We all know what a yoga body is “supposed to” look like and let’s face it: not many of us look like that. I know I don’t.

I want to create safe spaces for people who show that courage. For people who have no idea what they’ll be doing or how it will work for them, but who show up anyway. Earlier this week I filled out an application for a weekend training for people who want to teach yoga for people with large bodies. Although I haven’t done my full certification yet, this is a good first step toward that.  I found out late last night that I WAS ACCEPTED and next January, I will fly to California for a weekend of onsite training.

There are not words to share how thankful I am. This is holy ground, y’all. Helping people learn to love and honor this amazing body that God has given us is holy, holy ground.


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