Injuries and scars

One of my favorite bloggers, Mike Cope, voiced what many people are thinking: did Anna Nicole Smith have any idea how much God loved her? We all watched her self-destruct in front of our eyes for years. She was the focus of many things — the paparazzi, reality tv, and porn addicts to name a few — but did anyone ever focus God’s love on her? My heart hurts for her emptiness and for the life that lies ahead for her newborn daughter. I know what emptiness feels like.

I’m not sure why, but her situation reminded me of a thought I had a few years ago. It dawned on me that Jesus kept some — not all — but some of the scars from his brutal death. Why did he do that? When we think of our glorified body, we envision a perfect body. No flaws, no scars. Why did Jesus keep the ones he did? Was it just for us? Because he knew we would need proof? Maybe it was just because he knew Thomas would need proof. Like everything else, it was for us.

What if you could keep a scar? What if a part of your glorified body included a scar from your physical life. What would you keep? Why would you keep it? Can you hear the conversations in heaven?

“Look, see this? These are the scars from being beaten as a child. I cried myself to sleep every night, but I was crying out to God. That’s when I learned that I had a heavenly Father.”

“This scar? Oh, I was lost in drugs and alcohol and I was in a car accident. Everyone else was killed, but I lived. In rehab I learned that Jesus died for me and that everything — everything — had been forgiven. Even though I caused someone else’s death, I was forgiven by Jesus’ death.”

“Oh, this? I used to cut myself when I got angry or depressed. I didn’t know that Jesus’ blood had already made up for all my shortcomings. “

Or maybe we don’t have to wait until heaven to share our scars with people. Maybe if we admitted that deep inside we’re all an Anna Nicole Smith waiting to happen, then we could keep a few people from winding up with such tragic lives. Our injures could keep other people from experiencing such pain.

John Newton’s last words were said to be: “My memory is failing, but I remember two things: I am a great sinner, and God is a great savior.”

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